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Erection FitnessWe have removed the speculation from buying male enhancement products by rating all the best products on one site. We are providing you with all the essential data to enable you to make an informed decision on which ones will suit you best. We have rated more than 50 male enhancement programs, and from that we have been able to deduce which penis exercise programs have been most effective for most men. You may look forward to various advantages by exercising according to a medically designed and approved penis exercise program.

What is Erection Fitness? 

Erection Fitness is a one of the most mature and extensive penis enlargement exercise programs still available today – and one of the most valuable!

The plentiful exercises offered by Erection Fitness to cater for all penis enlargement and performance enhancing desires, are directed towards increasing the capacity of your penis to accumulate blood. If you perform these exercises regularly, your penis cells will proliferate and swell to accept this increase in blood flow, leading to (among other things) advanced erection vigour and size.

What’s the Erection Fitness concept all about?

There are always a variety of claims on the subject of penis enlargement floating on-line and off-line on what works, what does not work, and how it works.

Looking specifically at the Erection Fitness system, it is clear that this is grounded on the scientific facts that a) the human penis consists of 3 different chambers which get filled with blood every time you get an erection, and b) penis size is directly proportional to the total amount of blood which can be held inside these penile chambers. 

It is thus obvious that penis size can best be improved by increasing the penis ability to contain blood, and this can be accomplished by daily performing specially designed penile exercises. These exercises will also help with gradually treating penile curvature, premature ejaculation and impotence.

The Erection Fitness Program claims that it can accomplish the following:

  • It will teach you to increase the length and thickness of your penis 

  • Treat impotence 

  • Cause more physically powerful erections 

  • Stronger ejaculations

  • Shorten revival time between orgasms

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The Erectile Fitness programs claims the following strengths:

  • Add measurable size

  • Reinforces erectile tissue

  • Increases sexual libido

  • Safe and easy to perform

  • Lifetime access after paying only once

  • Video and audio instruction available

  • Proven picture results with before and after photos

  • Instant access to the program, no waiting or delay

  • Assists with Peyronie’s Disease

  • Improved and more pleasurable sex life

  • Better controlled ejaculations

  • Medically endorsed

  • Erections will be firmer, physically more powerful and more rigid

  • Exercises available on more than 300 videos

  • Member forum assistance for program members

  • Orgasms are stronger and more intense

  • Erections totally improved as far as fitness and function is concerned

  • 6 Month money back guarantee, therefore completely risk free

In our assessment, we observed the following possible weaknesses:

  • The program does not allow for the use of any “male enhancement” tablets or lotions to induce increased blood flow for faster results.

  • From my personal experience, the time spent on the exercises is not sufficient to achieve amazing results if it is only 8 minutes 3 times a week.

Erection Fitness – Conclusion

Erection Fitness has our vote as one of the most efficient and powerful penis exercise programs currently available. 

It is one of the original penis exercise programs and they have a long list of satisfied clients, and an excellent reputation for outstanding customer support.

Customer feedback research has shown that the average size improvement with Erection Fitness can range between 2 to 3 inches and is normally achieved in a 4-8 month period. 

However, improvements in erection firmness and extent will be noticed almost directly, as well as an advance in sexual stamina and desire. The Erection Fitness Program is highly advocated by us because of its outstanding performance. 

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