The Pro's And Con's Of Penis Enlargement Patches

Nowadays, pharmaceutical patches have become very popular for almost every disorder including birth control, diabetes, anti-depressants and even for non-smoking drugs. They are coming in the form of patches. They are quickly becoming the most favoured and loved approach of taking medicines.

This is primarily because there isn’t adulteration of potency, side effects to the digestive system or even nausea. Besides, they have more accurate levels of the blood of the desired ingredients. Patches are also very user-friendly and possess a long shelf life. It, therefore, doesn’t come as a surprise that patches are now being used in the world of penis enlargement – to administer relevant medication.

Here, we look at the advantages and disadvantages of using penis enlargement patches. Are they right for you? Let’s find out.

Penis patches encourage direct delivery of drugs to the circulatory system

The ingredients bypass the gastrointestinal system. This provides two useful benefits. First, it translates to faster delivery of the treatment compared with other methods such as the consumption of oral pills. Of course, if the drug elements are delivered promptly, they begin to perform their separate roles sooner.

Secondly, when the active ingredients are delivered straight to the blood system, the hepatic first pass effect is avoided. This is a situation whereby drug metabolism by the liver reduces the concentration of the elements. This effect usually has an adverse impact on the efficacy of the product in question.

The active ingredients in the patches are delivered continuously

A major pro of the transdermal penis enlargement patches over the oral pills is their ability to guarantee a continuous delivery of the ingredients. As long as the patch has been placed on the skin as instructed, there is nothing to worry about. The relevant doses will be released in the right manner. This advantage offers the users of penis patch technology a convenient and easy way of administering male enhancement treatment.

Penis patch technology simplifies penis enlargement process

We are constantly in search of means to simplify almost everything we do. Patch formulations are an excellent way of simplifying the manner in which penis enlargement is approached. The whole idea simplifies consumption schedules. Apparently, a single patch can replace a couple of doses of penis pills. Undeniably, this is a simpler way of consuming the active ingredients contained in penis pills.

Easy to use

This is a very practical advantage of penis enlargement patches. They are extremely easy to use. Their ease of use doesn’t even come close to penis enlargement pills, devices and the dangerous penis surgery.

Con of penis enlargement patches

Possible side effects

Penis patches are usually associated with some side effects. For instance, skin irritation and other adverse reactions may occur where the patch is applied. While this isn’t an everyday occurrence, it sometimes happens to some people. It depends on how sensitive a person’s skin is. Possible side effects can be applied by limiting applications to the unbroken, dry and clean skin. Also, regular rotation of the skin application site is recommended to avoid accumulation of potential skin irritants.

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