Common Penile Injuries From Vacuum Pumping

There isn’t a penis enlargement product or method that is a hundredpercent safe. There are always chances that something could go wrong. The only difference is different methods are characterised by varying nature of side effects. Vacuum penis pumping also has its drawbacks. If used incorrectly, for instance, one could suffer minor or severe side effects. Let us look at these injuries collectively.

Erection problems

This is considered a huge disadvantage of using penis pumps in male enhancement. Decreased quality and frequency of erections is the last thing any man wants to reap from the utilisation of a PE product. Unfortunately, this is what you may have to deal with if you use it excessively, or improperly. Erection problems could arise from things such as accumulation of lymphatic fluid under the penis skin.

Also, application of vacuum pressure on the male member has a tendency of reducing the volume of oxygenated blood it usually receives. The reduction of oxygen in the penile tissue can result in the damage of vascular systems and the penis nerves. While this could temporarily assist in delaying ejaculation, it should also be taken as an early warning sign of asevere problem.

Formation of lymphatic fluid

This problem has already been mentioned above. Lymphatic fluid is typically a clear watery fluid that you must have seen in blisters. You know that this fluid always spells disaster whenever it appears. This explains why it is usually a must for it to be gotten rid off. Unfortunately, this fluid may accumulate in the tissues of your penis and lead to a couple of problems.

One of the most common problems linked to pile up of lymphatic fluid on the penis is tissue swelling. This typically leads to the donut effect- your penis appears like it has a donut behind its head. The fact that the swelling inhibits the flow of blood means an, even more, severe problem. The reduction in bloodflow has the potential of generating weak erections. It can also constrict the urethra which makes it difficult for you to urinate. The good news is, the swelling disappears on its own after approximately two weeks of resting.

Bruises and blisters

Blisters and bruises are the most common penile injuries for the majority of people. This is particularly because the penis skin is not only very thin but also extremely sensitive- the head has more of these traits than the penis shaft. Ibelieve every man is well aware of this. Besides, what else do you think sex so pleasurable? However, the same reasons also expose the penis to mild bruises and blisters. As a matter of fact,the majority of sexually active men have had an encounter with bruises and blisters during sexual intercourse- especially when it’s too vigorous or frequent.

With blisters and bruises, there is really nothing to worry about. In any case, they aren’t any serious. You will only suffer from irritation as well as healing difficulty because of the friction. If you experience this kind of injury, stay clear of pumping for some time to allow your penis to heal.

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