Never Use Padded Underwear To Fake A Big Bulge

Women are more open-minded when it comes to the use of panties as well as body shapers. No one appears to condemn a woman who uses padded underwear to enhance their physical structures such as the bottoms and the breasts. As a matter of fact, celebrities who are less endowed use padded bras and panties all the time. On the other hand, men seem to use padded underwear, mostly for health and comfort reasons.

Truth be told, a good number of men wear padded underwear to obtain attributes that women certainly love. I am talking about, among other things, a full and powerful looking male member. This technologically advanced underwear creates an additional bulge desired by nearly every man walking on the planet- particularly the average sized and men who believe that they have a small penis. The full and empowering bulge provides a sensual look which grants alpha status anytime. Besides, men love it when their testicles don't hang low.

However, is it okay for men to use padded to create an artificial penis enlargement? Of course, this is dependent on how you view the outcome of your decision. Prior to using this type of underwear, it is important for you to predict the end results. For starters, it is true that you will appeal to a lot of women. Let us not ignore the fact that women stare at that part between your legs. It's not that women solely rely on the penis size before they can say yes to you. On the other hand, it is important to acknowledge that size matters to women.

You must ask yourself one question though; what will she think of me upon realising that I am not as endowed as my underwear made her believe? Well, a lot of women have walked out on a man because they felt cheated. Imagine this; you have made a woman think that you're well packaged down there. At the throng of the pleasure, you remove your underwear and what is revealed isn't exactly what she had in mind. Do you know how frustrating this can get? Most probably, she will feel cheated and thus very disappointed in you. Apart from your penis size, she may have fallen in love with your personality but this could change the moment she notices that you faked the bulge.

I am not against padded underwear. However, I wouldn't recommend them to someone who intends to create a fake bulge- it might work against you. They might make you lose a good woman, a great relationship that would make you incredibly happy for the rest of your life. Don't create false impressions of your penis. Although women prefer bigger penises to smaller ones (without a doubt) its better they love you for whom you are. A woman who loves you enough and cares about you will stay with you regardless of your penis size. Treat her right, be kind and gentle and you are guaranteed of her loyalty. Women are emotional beings and you just have to learn to make good use of what the heavens gave you.

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