The Confidence Equation

Men have always attached great importance to their penis size. So many cultures associate size of a man's penis size with masculinity. Throughout the years, penis size has turned into a symbol of fertility, virility, strength, courage as well as ability.

Naturally, men are competitive, and size of their dicks appears to be one thing that can give them sleepless nights. What majority of men fail to understand is that size doesn't really matter when it comes to pleasing a woman- in the same manner that bigger fists are the order of the day in the boxing ring. Sex is majorly a game of skill and what counts is the effort and knowledge of what to do that counts. Women have made this no secret, and they consistently prefer skill to having a larger penis.

Some men have even gone to the extreme lengths of trying to increase their penis size. From back in the time, the Indian mystics referred to as Sadhus have been stretching their penises by hanging weights on them. The Topinama tribesmen (Brazil) encouraged their men to use bites from poisonous snakes on their penises for them to be enlarged. Advancement in technology has resulted in a range of ways including surgery, pills and exercises.

The feeling of inadequacy when it comes to penis size can actually damage the self-confidence of a man as well as his social life. It can result in issues such as the inability to make use of public urinals or even shared shower rooms. In extreme cases, such men avoid intimate relationships entirely. Eventually, a major problem could arise such as the small penis syndrome. Depression may creep in, and this can become very problematic for you and the rest of the people in your life. This explains why companies across the globe have exploited the anxiety experienced by men through selling penis extenders, pills as well as other penis enlargement products that claim to increase your penis length and girth substantially – some claim to deliver a penis length increase of up to four inches.

A lot of men share in my sentiments-that increased penis length has the potential to increase my self-confidence and self-esteem. This is the number one reason why I sought to follow the penis enlargement route. By now, you are excited to know whether it actually did work for me. As a matter of fact, I feel more self-confident – something I hadn't felt until then. Someone who doesn't understand where I am coming from may even consider it shallow. However, I can't help it that the notion of bigger is better is deeply rooted in my genes. Nevertheless, I feel too bad that I have to attach my self-worth to the size of my penis.

I tried applying a lot of positive thinking, but it didn't help to elevate my ego. The process of enlarging my little friend has considerably boosted my ego. I was having the same discussion with a friend of mine the other day who had also sought penis enlargement. He says that he feels more assertive and more confident. He also says that he feels much stronger, happier and even feels more of an alpha male. Our efforts have paid exponentially thanks to all the psychological side effects that we had to deal with.

When all is said and done, it is important for us to be objective. What I have just shared is a subjective experience of my friend and me. Nevertheless, research studies have shown that my friend and I aren't in any way unique in gaining a psychological boost after having a bigger penis.

A study conducted by the University of California in 2006 revealed some very interesting attitudes portrayed by men which agree with the arguments I have presented here. According to the findings, individuals who are most likely to suffer from anxieties related to penis size, in spite of age, are men who are average-sized.

This might come out as a little odd until you link these revelations with additional findings. When making comparisons between penis size and confidence levels, the researchers also discovered that 22 percent of men who have bigger than average sized penises think that they are the most attractive. This revelation suggests a direct connection between bigger dicks and higher levels of confidence.

Several years afterwards, a group of psychologists at Victoria University in Australia noted a similar link. The conclusion was reached at when they made comparisons of penile size and the emotional welfare of a large group of men- 700 to be precise. The researchers discovered various psychological traits among men who had bigger than average penises. They include a higher self-esteem, high body satisfaction and improved health.

The explanation for this was very much straightforward. What is more, it has nothing to do with the worries of being able to satisfy a woman sexually. The psychologists categorically stated that the men, whose penises are bigger than average size, are generally more confident and happier just because they believe to be closer to the cultural definition and perception of an ‘ideal male.' These men tend to feel more masculine compared to the average men which make them feel more dominating, confident and happier.

Reflecting the words of Dr Harold Reed (a recognised penis enlargement surgeon), an introvert who has a bigger penis cannot become an extrovert. This means that, a bigger penis will not always help to fix the confidence problems of a man. Enlarging your penis will not in any way transform your personality base. On the other hand, I wouldn't believe the words of a man who says that he didn't feel more confident and masculine after having his penis enlarged.

Regardless of what people say, there is a positive correlation between the penis size and the confidence levels of a man. Typically, it is deeply engraved in the genes of every man on mother earth.

Lastly, when everything is said and done, the process of gaining a couple of inches extra isn't a walk in the park. It is something you work for with a lot of commitment and determination. You must show the willingness to put in extra effort in order to achieve impressive results.

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