Penis Size Discussions Can Break Up Relationships

How Serious Is The Penile Size Discussion And What Can Be Its Consequences?

Most of them end up discussing about the penis size at some point. This is definitely not intentional and in fact, at times, it is just about a few comments that lead one to discussing this topic. Mostly it is observed that women try to convince their partners that they are big enough to satisfy her. However, men always disagree with this and even if they do not admit it in front of her, they always have doubts in their minds.

Penile size discussion is both a sensitive and an important topic for men and women. The discussion is at times so intense that it can potentially break a relationship. A man who is suffering from small penis syndrome is continuously fighting with himself and keeps on bringing up this topic with his partner. Most discussion will keep on revolving around two points:

1. She tries to convince he is big enough

2. She tries to neglect the importance of penile size and keeps on saying “size doesn't matter”

Both the points are problematic since he instinctively feels that she is lying and lying is definitely not healthy for any relationship. This may lead to emotional instability and finally end a relationship.

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Second point is specially the troublemaker. Since he knows that she is lying, it will strongly make him believe that size is so much important that she actually has to hide her preference from him.

There are several examples in which couples have faced breakups because of penis size discussions. You might like to know about a few mentioned below:

A man says he was dating a wonderful girl for about two months. Somehow, both of them managed not to bring up this size discussion. However, she used to make him feel unsure about his penis size every time they are together. At times, she commented he is big enough and at times she was like are you still in. Now, both the statements are completely opposite to each other.

Next, a man comments that her girlfriend is never sure about what exactly she wants. She tells it is all about foreplay, sometimes for her it is about the girth size and sometimes she wants him to penetrate deeper and deeper. It is almost impossible to judge exactly what she wants and prefers. It is more like her preference depends on her mood.

One more man comments that all his adult life he was unsure and felt very bad about his penis size. Once he met a girl and his dating life was going real nice. One day she wrote him a note saying she cannot wait to have sex again with him and she misses her big penis. Now, this was not a positive one. He felt completely the opposite of it. After that, whenever she complemented him about having a big penis, the only thing he could think was she is lying or may be sympathising.

So, the bottom line is, it is a real sensitive topic to discuss and it has potentially ruined several relationships. If you are having this conversation with your partner make sure, what you say is not taken otherwise. The more you are honest the more it will work properly.

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