Does Penis Size Matter?

How Important Is Your Penis Size?

This is one of the most sticking questions and it has surely crossed every man's mind at least once. Today, when everything is getting bigger and better, the question is whether the penis size should also increase? Men just love to show off their big package. That's not all, when they are in locker rooms or public bathrooms, they just stop comparing and proving that they are the best. So, is it true that size matters a lot? Well, let's see...

All of us get a little competitive at some point or other. This is just because we want to prove that we are the best at whatever we do. Sex is no different in this case. When you are on a date and finally you have her on your bed, the first thing that will tick in your mind is, how well will I perform? Am I good enough to satisfy her? Will I perform better compared to her other sex partners. Well, now here if you are simply counting on your penis size, then you are wrong my friend.

Your penis size definitely gives you an upper hand, but that is not the only thing, which you need to satisfy a woman. Yes, it is about skills and size.

The penis size thing is 90% mental and 10% physical

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Most men keep on comparing themselves against other males when it comes to penis size. Well, first of all what you need to do is, clear a few facts and figures in your head. Let's talk about average penis size. There has always been a confusion concerning the average penis size. Thanks to researchers, that finally this confusion has been answered. Data accumulated from a variety of study proves that an average penis length when erect is 5.5 to 6.2 inches and 4.7 to 5.1 inches in girth. Now if you lie in this range, you will be happy to know that most men too lie in this range. Also, all those men who want penis enlargement fall into this range.

How women feel about the size?

To clear this one, let us take a little help from a research study conducted in the same field. Thousands of women and men were interviewed, and asked what their reviews were about the penis size. Most women replied that they were satisfied by the penis size of their partners. While on the other hand, only half of the men thought that they were satisfying. So, this makes one thing clear. Men are more obsessed about their penis size and it is all in their head.

Now, you will be surprised to know that any penis above 3 inches is enough to satisfy a normal woman. Vagina is very adaptive. If your woman has not been for long with a man whose penis was a lot bigger than yours, you can be rest assured she is never going to complain about your size. However, if you wish to surprise her with a big package, that is totally a different thing. Last but not the least, if you are willing to satisfy her better, you need to work on your skills more than your size.

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