Avoiding Penile Underdevelopment

Do You Know What All Obstructs the Penile Development of Your Son?

Every male baby is born with a complete set of reproductive organs. His penis starts growing right from the birth, just like any other body parts, and stops once he reaches 18. However, there are effects of environmental factors too, which either delay or accelerate the growth of one's penis. Now, let us start with what determines a penis size.

Two things - hormones and genetics, affect a man's penis size. If a man has small penis, there are two possibilities, he was meant to have a small penis or something went wrong during the growing period of his penis. During puberty, a young man's body alters from a body to an adult. The pace at which his penis grows is affected by genetics and the supply of growth hormones.

Hereditary reasons are not something that can be influenced. However, as parents, you can take care of the growth of the hormones that affect your child's penis growth. The common reasons, which hinder the growth of the penis, are excessive emotional or physical stress, prolonged medical conditions and malnutrition.

Furthermore, these reasons can also hinder the entire body growth. As a parent, it is your duty to provide an environment, which is best for your son to develop optimally.

Too much of cycling can also prove to be injurious:

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This is one more thing that you need to keep in mind and take care off. Researchers have proved that too much cycling is one of the reasons, which cause impotency in men. Cycling causes genital numbness, penile failure and in some cases shrinkage too.

The issue is about a man's sitting position while he is riding a cycle. Practically, all his weight is concentrated in one place, to be more specific, the perineum. All the veins that feed a man's penis are funnelled through this area. So, if the entire body weight is on this part of your body, the necessary supplies to your penis are hindered.

When these arteries are blocked, no nutrients or growth hormones can travel towards your penis. Now, if this happens repeatedly, there are chances that the veins undertaking these functions are damaged and supply of nutrients and growth hormones stops forever. This means even when a man is not riding a cycle, the growth remains obstructed.

Changing the saddle may help:

There are several types of bicycle saddles available in the market today. The ones, which cause utmost damage, are the ones, which are narrow and hard. If your child is using his cycle continuously, you can at least make sure that the type of saddle is right.

Make sure that the saddle is pointing a few degrees downward. Also, ask your child to stand up every 10 minutes, as this will ensure proper blood flow and supply of growth hormones.

Apart from this, it is crucial that you take care of his stress levels. Encourage him to participate in different activities other then cycling. He can engage himself in other physical exercises too.

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