The Anatomy Of A Penis

Knowing Your Anatomy In Detail Will Help You With Your Penis Enlargement Program

Well definitely you must be wondering why I need to know about my own anatomy. Of course you know all about yourself, but yet to know how exactly you are put together and how each and every body part functions can help you understand better about yourself. Also, if you want your organs to look and function the way you want, it is crucial that you know each and everything about them. All your sex organs are put together in such a way that they undertake multiple functions and you can do a lot with them at the same time, for instance, ejaculate, feel sexual pleasure, give pleasure to your partner, urinate, produce necessary hormones, etc. Your sex organs and its necessary parts are fascinating in the way they are assembled and function.

The Penis

Let's start with the most recognized and important part amongst your sexual organs. Penis is also divided into several different parts. It consists of head, the corona, frenum, urethral meatus and the shaft. Men who are not circumcised also have foreskin.

Starting from the top, you will find urethral meatus towards the head. We will be using the word “towards” because it is not exactly centred. Well, sometimes it is but if it is not there is nothing to worry about it. The ridge which is at the bottom of the head of the penis is called corona. Next, exactly below the underside of the corona you can see frenum. Frenum is a small piece of skin and it is really very sensitive. However, if we speak of sensitivity, the head is quite sensitive, especially of an uncircumcised man.

Also, the foreskin is pretty much sensitive. Shaft is the part which shows how big the penis is and most men is worried about it. In fact, the shaft shows the length as well as girth. The skin colour of the shaft is darker than rest of the skin when the penis is flaccid. Also, when shaft is erect, veins are clearly seen and it changes colour from dark red, purple and bluish. However, the colour change is normal and there is nothing important or nothing to worry about it.

Foreskin is the extra skins which is covering the head of the penis. Most men are circumcised nowadays since it's more preferable. All men are born with foreskin and they are circumcised in infancy for different medical, social and religious reasons. Circumcision helps in protecting against STD's, urinary tract infection, penile cancer and prevents tightening of foreskin.

The exterior of a penis is covered with thin foreskin which protects it. Now, let's understand the tissues underneath it. Most people wonder where exactly does the blood get filled when a man is getting erection. Well, it's the corpus cavernosum and corpus spongiosum. These are the two internal parts of a penis which are spongy and have soft tissues which get filled up with blood. As a result the penis gets hard. The said two parts are a little extended from the penis towards your body. This is what makes a penis stand in attention position when in erection. The reason why we are discussing these parts in detail is that they are the areas, which play a vital role in achieving penis enlargement goal.

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One more interior part is the urethra. It is a tube that runs from different organs like bladder and prostate towards your penis. Via this tube, the semen and urine both reaches the urethral meatus and finally gets out of the body.

The testicles

Definitely testicles enlargement is not something that you are looking forward too. However, since it is an important part of your reproductive system, it is good to update knowledge about it. Testicles are enclosed in scrotum (a sack of muscle lines skin). This sack is hanging exactly below your penis and protects your testicles.

Some or the other time, you must have definitely experienced the reaction of scrotum when cold water comes in contact with it. The sack immediately tightens to protect your testes and keeps them warm. This is because your testes are where you produce sperms and keeping them lukewarm is important. Apart from producing the sperms, one more important function of testes is it produces testosterone which is a sex hormone.

Inside each testicle, there is a small gland on top (known as epididymis). This is where your sperms stay safe until they are completely matured. There are small tubes, known as vas deferens, which carry your sperms all the way to prostate gland and here they get mixed with other fluids. Further, they again are carried towards urethra and from there towards urethral meatus from where they get ejaculated.

About the prostate gland, it is a small walnut size gland which stores and releases almost one third of the fluids while ejaculation.

The Pubococcygeus Muscle

Pubococcygeus muscle can be considered as the last part of male sexual anatomy. The function of this muscle is pretty simple. It works for your as well as your partner's pleasure. This muscle is present in both male and female and its function is that it supports the organs in your pelvic area.

Now, if you are opting for enlargement, exercising this muscle is going to be a part of your daily penis enlargement exercise regime. Pubococcygeus muscle plays a vital role in controlling premature ejaculation, helps you getting strong erections and enhances your sexual stamina as well. In females, this muscle helps in keeping the vaginal area firm and tight. So, smart males and females work on their pubococcygeus muscles regularly.

So, this little article is definitely going to help you understand all your sexual organs and their functions better. Before you start with your penis enlargement program a little knowledge about all your body parts will help you perform and maintain your exercise routine better. The more you know about your anatomy and the different functions of different organs, the more you will be able to control and alter them.

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