Measuring The Penis

Always Measure Your Penis in a Proper Way

Of all the things that you are interested in, while using a penis enlargement technique, measuring the gains is your favourite. Isn't it? It's quite a common thing with most men and why would it not be, after all achieving the milestones and the results are the greatest motivation behind any effort. However, like all other things associated with penis enlargement, for measuring the gains too you need to have a proper approach.

Few Aspects to Take Care Of

Before you actually start measuring the penis, you need to understand few important things associated with it. First of all, stick to the way you are measuring your penis. That simply means, you need to be consistent with the way you place your ruler, the side of the penis you keep it etc. If you are doing things differently every-time, you might not be able to capture the actual measurements.

Secondly, room temperature can have an effect on the size of your penis, especially on its flaccid length. Hence, you need to ensure that you measure your penis almost in the same situation every-time. Above all, the last and the most important aspect to take care of, is about the frequency of measuring it.

Most of the men are too eager to measure their penis gains often, when they are in some enlargement program. However, that is not at all advisable. Remember! You need not measure it too often, in fact doing it once or maximum twice a month is sufficient. As a matter of fact, there are many men, who try to check their gains on weekly or daily basis, and when they don't see significant change they gradually lose the motivation.

Measuring the Flaccid Length and Girth

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The standardized way to measure the flaccid length and girth of your penis is by standing up straight, extending your flaccid length (not stretching it), keeping the penis parallel to the floor, and then placing the ruler next to it while slightly pressing it against the pubic bone.

You need to be more careful while measuring the girth of your penis. Hence, just hold the penis in front of you and wrap a measure tape at the exact centre of your penile shaft. Just remember to pull the tape measure to only a reasonable amount, and keep it the same every time.

Measuring the Erect Length and Girth

Needless to mention, this is what most of you men are interested in measuring while you are engaged in some enlargement program. You need to follow the same technique of measuring it, which is by pacing a ruler next to your erected penis and pressing it a bit against your pubic bone. However, few things to ensure this time is that you have attained 100% erection before measuring it, and that you need not exaggerate the measurements. Similarly, keeping these things in mind, you also need to measure the erected girth of your penis.

You may keep a log for yourself where you can note down all these measurements and records for every month. Witnessing the improvements and gains can be really motivating.

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