Questions, Doubts and Worries About The Importance Of Penis Size

All You Must Know About the Importance of Small Penis Size

Since the past several years, people are showing their concern towards small penis size. Most commonly asked questions by men are ‘is the penis size important for their partner'. What are the criteria to compare their penis size?

Many men believe that the societies will judge their masculinity by their penis size. If a man has a bigger bone, he feels superior to others. Mostly men feel the same. This topic has affected them in such a way that they avoid having discussion on it.

Hence, they keep all their insecurities and worries to themselves. Women on the other hand do not feel shy to talk about their sexual issues.

Explore the internet to get answers

With the internet, men have a sigh of relief. They could easily interact with other men and women online about such topics and share their problems. The best thing is that you do not have to meet the person face to face to ask doubts. Various websites are introduced that talk about penis size and allow people to post their query and questions conveniently. Besides this, many forums are introduced for all those men, who wish to enlarge their penis size.

As abundant information is easily available on the internet, you might be thinking that the question whether penis size is a matter of concern for women is clearly answered. However, this is not the case. Instead, men have become more confused than ever before. This is because of the contradictory facts available online. The web has given so many angles to this issue that the penis size is dominating most of the men in different parts of the world.

Are you suffering from any disorder?

If you are one of those, it might have affected your relationships and emotional well-being. With the never-ending questions, worries, doubts men are stuck in this confusion and it is really difficult for them to escape. Many of them are suffering from penile inadequacy anxiety syndrome. However, not all the men having small penis is suffering from this serious disease. It is a rare disease and around 3 - 4%, men might have anxiety syndrome. Before coming to a conclusion, you must have all the required tests done.

If you are worried your partner might not be satisfied with your penis size, you need not be. It is not always true that woman likes big penis. After all, a bigger penis size cannot guarantee an instant orgasm. What matters is whether you understand your partner's sexual desires and needs and whether you will fulfill them. If you love your partner, she will be happy with you.

Is there any way to measure your penis size?

Having A Small Penis? Try Out These Sex Positions For Small Penis.


Before proceeding ahead, you must check the average penis size. There is lack of knowledge among people about their penis size. They compare it with the images available online or images seen in the porn video. This is not how you must proceed. Here are some facts to consider-

  • It must be 3 - 6 inches when it is flaccid

  • It is around 5 - 8 inches long when it is erect

Little known facts about small penis size

There are many individuals, who have comparatively smaller penis when it is limp. However, it becomes longer when it is erect. Hence, it is better to check the size of the penis whenever it is erect. If you are fat, your penis might appear a little smaller to you. The reason is that your stomach fat hides the base of your penis. Not only this, there are few factors that might affect its size. Its size will temporarily shrink if you are feeling anxious or cold. Hence, you have to ensure that you are fit and fine before measuring the size.

Having a curved penis

Now many men also ask whether having a curved penis is normal. Well, it is completely normal to have curved penis when it is erect. However, if the curve is causing few issues like lumps in the penis or problems while performing sex and so on, you must consult your doctor.

Is the surgery effective to increase the size?

Experts say that with a good surgery or operation you could increase the girth of your penis. However, there is no such proof that a surgery will safely increase the size. Many men are not satisfied with the results of this surgery. Now let us see how this surgery works. What happens is that this surgery cuts the suspensory ligament in order to increase the penis size. Now, this ligament will join your organ to the pelvic area. Hence, it seems a little longer when it is erect. However, it may be in the downward direction whenever it is erect.

There are many non-surgical treatments like vacuum pumps, topical lotions, creams etc. However, they may not guarantee to provide 100% results. Obese people must exercise well and try to shed extra weight from their stomach. You could prepare a diet chart to follow, consult a trustworthy gym instructor and try to shed maximum weight. Once you have shed fat around your belly, it will make your penis look a little longer. You might have seen the advertisements on these penis pumps on television, internet and emails. However, none of them offers guaranteed results.

Will a therapist help you?

If you are little confused about what to do you could consult a renowned sex therapist. However, be a little careful while choosing them. They must have at least 10 or more years of experience in this field. Besides this, you could check customers' reviews about them.

See whether they provide satisfying response to their patients. You could visit their clinic first and talk to their patients. If they are not happy with the results, you could move on. Not only you can check out their quotes, but you can also compare the quotes of different therapists and choose the best professional. These therapists could deal with your emotional dilemmas easily.

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