How Do Small Penis Occur?

Frequently Asked Questions on Small Penis Debunked

Penis size has become a topic of major concern for both youth as well as aged men. The growing focus on physical traits is the major cause behind this shift. When you ask a woman, you will find that she is a lot more worried about her looks and cup size. Same is the case with men.

Physical traits including, figure, face, complexion and penis size have become sensible topics. Men often blame women for this shift in behaviour and same is the case with women. This blame game has given rise to several other problems. However, there are still a group of people, who are uncertain about the penis size and the problems related to it.

Most of the men or parents have no idea how small penis could be. Some blame themselves while other thinks it a hereditary problem. To sort out your confusion and give you a clear cut idea, we have jotted down some of the most commonly asked questions on small penises and their answers.

What is inconspicuous or micro penis?

Micro penis is a state in which a man has erect penis length of less than 3 inch after puberty. It occurs when the penis is unusually small. You can detect this state at early stage. Know the standard deviation for a particular age group or the average penis size and if the size of your dick is around 2.5 times smaller than that, then you are surely suffering from micro penis problem.

This condition is often recognized just after birth and is very uncommon, as it affects not more than 1% of men. There is a difference between micro and small penis, which should be clear to you. A 4 inch penis is called small penis whereas a dick with size smaller than 3 inch is categorized as micro penis.

What can cause micro penis or small penis in general?

There are several reasons and causes behind small penis. No doubt, hereditary is also one of them, but continuously thinking over it during the time of pregnancy is just a waste of energy. Let us talk about some of the most common causes of micro penis.

  1. Low prenatal androgen production

    Androgen is a group of hormones that is extremely necessary for the development of physical and reproductive traits in men. If there is low production or inefficiency of this hormone, it can directly lead to micro penis or small penis problems.

  2. Abnormal testicular development

    Various diseases including testicular dysgenesis, Leydig cell hypoplasia or Klinefelter syndrome can also cause abnormal testicular development, which will not only lead to lower sperm count, but also small penis.

  3. Congenital hypogonadism

    Along with several defects of testosterone secretion, androgen insensitivity syndrome or inadequate pituitary stimulation, congenital hypogonadism can also cause this disorder.

  4. Genetic malformation syndromes

    Micro penis can also be a cause because of several genetic malformation syndromes, which does not involve sex chromosomes directly.

  5. Gene effect

    This disorder can also be caused because of some genes effect, which constitutes the DNA of penis or digit size without any noticeable hormone abnormalities.

  6. Fertility drugs'

    Many times In-utero exposures to any kind of oestrogen based fertility drug can also cause micro or small penis effect.

    What if a baby is diagnosed with micro penis?

    You are lucky if you identify this disease at infancy or during the birth of your baby. This problem can be controlled up to some extent with small dosage of testosterone, the sex hormones. However, make sure you give the baby only brief course as overdose may also lead to several problems and side effects.

    This will help in inducing the growth of penis, which will than start the normal growth. You can resume the treatment after consulting a doctor at different stages if you feel so. Testosterone treatment is normally resumed at puberty only for men, who suffer from hypogonadism.

    The growth of penis stops once you reach puberty. Therefore, further dosage of testosterone will have no effect on the size or growth of penis. You can go for surgical treatments such as Phalloplasty. However, make sure you wait till puberty to take this step.

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    No surgical method should be applied on baby or infants even if it gives you the chances of better or longer penis. However, sooner or later you have to accept this fact that your son will not have normal penis (even after treatment) if he is born with micro penis ailment.

    Is micro penis heredity?

    Micro penis is more of a hormonal or genetic abnormality than an inherited condition. It is because of the hormonal instability or malfunctioning that occurs in womb. However, it does not mean it will not run in a family. This is the reason why black people have large dicks and brown people have small dicks.

    There may be chances that a DNA strand in your gene, which codes for penis size, gets mutated. If such a gene is transferred to offspring after intercourse, he might also suffer from the same disease. However, the chance of gene mutation is very less and is not likely to occur.

    Apart from the hormonal or heredity abnormality, the mutation in gene during offspring formation or any sexual disorder may also lead to micro penis. If you have micro penis and your child has small penis (between 3 to 5 inches) it is a hereditary trait.

    What if I get to know that my prepubescent son also has a small penis?

    As soon as you get to know about the small size of penis of your prepubescent son, you need to visit a doctor. Do not show him that anything is wrong with him. Instead you can tell him that it is a part of normal routine check-up. It is better, if you start telling him about right and wrong touches in the first place.

    The doctor will measure his flaccid length for you. However, you might be aware with the fact that flaccid length is not the clear indicative of penis size. Therefore, doctors can perform the erect length test by stretching the penis. It will clearly indicate the size of penis and will let you know if there is something to worry about.

    Your doctor will also help you to make a proper diet chart for him. You can also take the help of additional supplements or exercises. Doctors may also take his blood sample to check for any other disease that can cause small penis problem. They will also let you know about different types of problems that he might be suffering from.

    Apart from the check-up they will let you know if the size is normal and why it is appearing small. Generally, the reason why a normal sized penis appears small is mentioned below.

  • The soft penis can be concealed with suprapubic fat.
  • A large body texture or body growth as compared to the development of penis can also make it look smaller.
  • There might be a difference in the rate of growth of his body parts with respect to his penis, which worsens the scenario.
  • Late bloomers can face this problem during teenage. However, this problem is solved as soon as puberty starts.

Make sure you take help from good Endocrinologist, Paediatrician, or an Urologist for proper assessment and treatment. However, generally there is no problem and the issue is just with perception or late puberty.

What should I do if one day my son comes to me and tells about the smaller dick he has got?

The best thing you can do is giving him mental support. Do not panic yourself even if you have not faced any such problem in your life. It is a natural problem that has certain cures. Be honest and tell him the truth. You need to be open with him. Do not feel shy in giving him sex education.

You are the one with whom he will talk about the issue. Make sure you do not fill his mind with negative thoughts. Do not impose your ignorant views on him that have directly originated from the society hearsay. Give him support by convincing that it can be cured and if not, it will not mean end of life. Tell him about the reality of size and that it does not really matter.

Another step that you can take as a father is making him quit the habit of comparing the sizes with any one not even his elder brother. Know that penis is a sensitive topic for him. Therefore, do not make any negative comment even as a joke. It can break his trust and may lead to depression.

Your son can also become vulnerable to SPS i.e. short penis syndrome if proper care is not taken. Secretly keep an eye on him or his friend and make sure that none of them passes any negative remark for him or make jokes on his small penis.

Another thing which you should do is taking him to the doctor. However, before doing so, you should make sure that his erect length is also small. If his erect length is average and the problem is only with the flaccid length then you can tell him about the whole scene and how the measurements are done.

Also notice if your child is late bloomer. Often, late bloomers have small penis size when compared to other men in the same age group. You should tell him about what late puberty is and how it affects your body. Once he reaches his puberty, the size will start growing itself.

If your son is becoming isolated because of this problem, you should not wait and take him to a doctor immediately. Make sure the doctor is a male. Tell him in advance about what is going to happen there and make sure he does not feel embarrassed (which will also affect erection).

If it happens to be micro or small penis, your doctor will tell you about all possible remedies. This the toughest phase for anyone as the penis enlargement methods are either costly or takes time. It is up to you or him if he wants to go under the knife to get a big dick. So far the success rate of penis enlargement surgeries is high.

However, there are certain side effects related to it. He should restrain himself from any kind of sexual activity including masturbation for around 2 months. Moreover, the scars on the lower side of penis can take years to fade away.

Moving to the cheaper remedy, i.e. pumps, supplements, medicines and exercise, they take almost forever to show results. You need at least a one-year's course to get proper results. Also make sure he is not obese, which will directly affect the penis length.

What if none of the treatment works?

There might be chances that none of the above mentioned methods work and he has become a small dick adult. As a parent, you can stay with him to give him mental support. Make sure he has the company of good friends, who love him. You can take the help of some psychiatrist, if things are getting worse.

Make sure he gets every bit of mental support he needs at this stage of life. You can tell him about the positivity he should possess. Tell him about his worth and how much you love him. Most of his problems will be gone, if he gets a real partner, who loves him for his heart and not physical traits.

Make him enjoy life, go out and discover the true beauty of nature. Ask him to find his dream job and enjoy it. The more company he will keep, the better are the chances of him finding a real partner or good friends.

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